Continue:Retarding with the new method.

I think that is the solution to have nicely browned loaves when they are retarded.



And I place these metal racks on the marble stones 20 minutes after I put them in the oven. So I can prevent to burn the bottom of these loaves.



The taste of bread was remarkable.  I gave one of two loaves to one of my friends.

Happy Baking!


Shopping tip:



  • Bread knife:  That is my favorite.   I am still using this without any problems.

    bread knife

  • 10″ oval banneton is $ 11.88  I ordered one today.   Bannetons are cheaper now.. I bought one for over $23 including shipping.

    oval banneton 10

  • 8.5″ round banneton is $10.99!  I just order this one too. 🙂

round banneton

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I am still testing the new method..

I realized that I am not still satisfied with the new method..   I want to have my bread nicely browned like caramelized popcorn .    Although I don’t to burn my bread.. Even dark bread. I think that they are so beautiful and appealing, but I am questioning about the health fact.

I changed the temperature little bit.  Put the loaves in the oven at 280F and increase the temperature to 430F immediately and bake for 15 minutes.  Then transfer the loaves on the rack to prevent to burn the bottom then decrease the temperature to 400F, and finished up for another 5-10 minutes.

Pretty good so far.. I keep trying until I can reach to the goal!



Happy baking!


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The new method to bake hard bread.

Don’t you have the experience that you feel too lazy to bite off the hard crust? I have been working on the method to have softer crust for few weeks. You may notice if you read my previous posts.

I always felt a waste when I saw my daughter and my husband left a chunk of whole crust.  And I did the same thing because I don’t have strong teeth. lol

Anyway, I can confirm that this method only works with 70% hydration dough or less after baking over 20 loaves.

This method also works for me to maintain my weak oven. lol

  1. Bake at 280F for 10 minutes.
  2. Increase the temperature to 430F for 15 minutes.
  3. Decrease to 400 F and bake about 5 minutes or, until golden brown.

That is it.


Aghh… I better take a picture during using natural sun light..

I am happy with my current bread because everybody eats my entire bread now.

My next goal is to have perfect oven spring for the round bread!!!

Happy baking,




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Fixing my oven…

I don’t fix my oven, that is my husband’s job..

Oh well,  It was the same ignition wire again!  How many times did I burn this ?

May be 4 times…  😦

This oven is over 16 years old, and I have just overused since we moved in. lol



I may be able to start baking from tomorrow… 🙂



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Strawberry short cake for my daughter’s birthday.

I broke my oven two days before my daughter’s birthday.  I tried to bake a small cake with the toaster oven that I have.  It didn’t go well as I expected. They were not evenly cooked, there was ugly dense in the center etc…  but the taste was okay.

I am so lucky that I have a very nice neighbor who has been being friends more than the neighbor, so I baked two sponge cakes.  My daughter LOVES the neighbor’s daughter whose name is Christina.  My daughter and Christina were my assistant on the day. They almost grew up together since my daughter was born.




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I broke my oven again.. but..

I have been baking three to four times a week for a month now although I hadn’t have updated til now.

Last night, I prepared two sourdough loaves, I was so happy to transfer these ready -to-go dough into the oven to see their oven springs.  Ah oh… I forgot to preheat the oven,though I previously used it for dinner anyway.. the temperature was 245F. So, I tossed them into the oven.

After 15 minutes, I was surprised to see their oven springs!

274 Then I tried to increased the temperature to 430F, but the oven temperature kept going down and down.. 😦   ”  The ignition code is burned again!!! may be two of them..)


I may try the method again when I make hard bread!

The taste was as good as usual.  🙂


Happy baking!






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Quick Japanese sandwich loaves.

Japanese sandwich loaf ( quick bread)

It has been over 2 years since I made this bread.  And what?  I forgot to add salt!!


Well, they are still edible… 😛

I really need to prepare every ingredients on the table for now!


Happy baking!


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