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Saf instant yeast

Have you ever used Saf instant yeasts?  There are several saf-instant yeasts in here.

Basically, This red one is for regular kind of breads, and the gold one is for breads contain high fat and sugar such as Danish pastry and croissant, the beautiful flaky layers is achieved by repeatedly rolling out a dough.

A Japanese zealous home baker , especially for perfect baguette used Blue Saf-instant yeast to make perfect baguette.  I wanted to introduce her awesome baguettes here, but unfortunately she deleted her blog when I looked up.



There is a reason that I bought it online is that one of my best bread friends whose name “K” strongly recommended to me to use this brand when I complained about the others which we can get any stores.
You can read the article of ” Active dry yeast vs Instant yeast “.

This instant yeast is the best! Thank you, K!!  The other store brand’s have a strong distinctive odor, which I really don’t like, however, the red saf-instant yeast have slightly the distinctive smell only when I used 1.4% red Saf-instant as to 100% flour.  I will recommend to use 0.8 % instant yeast as to 100% flour when you bake bread so that you won’t have the brewer yeasty odor.  The price is very reasonable as well.  It was about 8 dollars at Amazon. ( This package’s weight : 16oz / 454g  )


But, one thing that bothers me is this package.  Yes, it leaks from the bottom for some reason.  It was a completely vacuumed package with no leaks. It started like that as soon as I cut the top of the package.   I wonder if I am the only one have this problem?


The good thing is about this yeast is very active and rise very well with less yeast.  001


003 It is about 18cm tall. I made tuna sandwich for my husband.

At last, I am still eager to make a perfect baguette,and I want to improve my skills although I have to wait until I get a new oven. It has been for almost 4 years! LOL

Happy baking to everyone!

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Active dry yeast vs Instant yeast

   I am not a big fan of using  dry yeast because I am very keen on the brewer ( yeasty) smell.
  I used to add 1.3 – 2% dry yeast as to 100% flour that I have seen the ratio from many books or bakers.
Now, I use 0.8-1.0 %  Bread Machine yeast ( Instant yeast) as to 100% flour for most of  breads except croissants or brioche that have high fat and sugar, which needs higher percentage yeast than other kind of breads.
I prefer Bread Machine yeast to Active dry yeast  because the Bread Machine yeast doesn’t have strong smell.


Active dry yeast -Coarse oblong granules of yeast:
  • Dissolved in water and sugar at first. Wait for 10-20 minutes until it is active( foamy).  * It doesn’t work when you mix with dry ingredients at first.
  • It smells strong brewer yeasty when it is baked.
Fleischmann’s Bread Machine yeast ( Instant yeast)- Smaller granules of yeast:
  •  Mixing directly with other dry ingredients at first.
  • Don’t mix with liquid at first. it won’t work.
  • Don’t mix directly with salt. it won’t work.
  • Instant yeast contains ascorbic acid, which is an additive that is thought to improve loaf volume.
  • Instant yeast doesn’t smell as strong as Active dry yeast.


* Note
Converting from Fresh to Dry Yeast:
 Fresh yeast : Active dry yeast : Instant dry yeast = 10: 4: 3.3  ( From ” BREAD” by Jefferey Hamelman)

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