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How to shape a standard sandwich loaf

  For a standard sandwich loaf:
    Preshape :
  1 ) Make a round ball on the work surface after taking out the dough from the container.
  2) Bench time:   Cover the dough with a damp towel and  rest for 30 minutes.
 3 )Shape:   Very lightly flour ( I use 50% rice flour / 50% King Arthur All purpose flour mix)  the work surface, press and flatten it gently using a rolling-pin to make a rectangle.  The width should be less than your loaf pan’s width like the picture below. Otherwise, you can’t  fit the dough in your loaf pan when you mold!
                                                 Don’t press down the dough hard!!  Your loaf doesn’t rise in the oven as you expect.
4) Roll the dough from your side.    *Not too tight and not too loose when you roll the dough so that there is no excess air in the dough.
5) Pinch the end of the dough.
     If you pinch all the seam, you will have a loaf like this!
6) Mold the dough in your loaf pan: The seam is on the bottom.
* Point:     Take a look these pictures. I made 2 loaves in the same time, but I shaped it differently.
                                                                       The left picture is overstated.
                                                    * The bread on the right has a big hole around the top.


6. Final proof:   Proof  the dough at 82 F for 1.5-2 hours until the dough rises  3/4 inch over the top of the Pullman.

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