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How to shape a mountain sandwich loaf

* How to shape  a mountain sandwich loaf:

Warning ( I found it out yesterday 2/9/2012 ): This shape is good for bread with instant yeast that has strong power to resist any shaping.  I don’t recommend to use for levain bread that used natural yeasts that are too slow  to come back out after shaping.
The mountain sandwich loaf  is given a lot of pressure to the dough during the shaping and the dough gets tougher, therefore, the texture is like eating cotton candy ( shredding ) .

1.  Here is the fully fermented dough.

6.  Divide and preshape : * I made a letter fold to degas after taking out the dough from the container.

* I divide the dough in 3 pieces without using any flour.


The total weight was 783g today. I divided it like this:

267g/249g/267g =Left/Center/Right

This is my way to divide the dough in 3 pieces:

The left and right dough weight: 783÷3+6=267g

The rest of the dough should be the center. 249g

7I use a little bit of  flour to shape the dough. * May be 1-2g blended flour (50% rice flour /50% King Arthur All purpose  flour) for shaping.

 Before shaping ( I use less 3g AP/rice flour  on the surface)

 After I panned the dough. ( I don’t use much flour for shaping)

8.*Gently press down the preshaped dough which is seamed up with your whole palm, and make an oval shape using a rolling-pin. ( rolling from the center toward outer side to all the direction. * not only up and down )

9. Ready to fold.

You can press the center gently after folding 1/3 from the outer side, then rolling it into a snail-shell shape.

Roll it gently, but not too tight, not too loose so that there is no excess air in the dough when you fold.

10.Pinch the both sides very well!

11.You should mold the dough of the direction as the picture below to rise well evenly.   * Don’t forget to put the smallest dough in the center.

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