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How to score on a round and oval loaf

Scoring on an oval loaf is much easier than a round loaf to have open spring  from my experiences.  I still feel difficult to score on an round loaf, but I am able to fix it now.

More important, you have to have good steam in your oven. Here is the steaming method that I use for a round and oval loaf.

How to score on a round loaf  / boule ( boule = ball in french / a round loaf by wikipedia)

Place an round loaf on the wood board with parchment paper.

Holding your razor at 90℃…

It doesn’t look good.. So I always score 2 times at least…

Score again,  following  the red arrows…( I got this idea from a Japanese book ” Coupe Junkies“.)

*If the corners are not still separated after the second scoring,

score from backward at 45℃.

Oven spring!


How to score on an oval loaf or Bâtard ( Bâtard = a type of bread similar to baguette by wikipedia)

The key is ….

  •  Scoring straight
  • Same depth
  • scoring from edge to edge
  • At 45℃

I should have scored further until the edge.

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