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How to score a baguette

I practice to score baguettes a lot using playdough playing with my daughter because I am not good at it. I used to drag so much.. A couple of my Cookpad friends and ” Coupe Junkies” that is published by 2 Japanese home bakers who have developed their baking career by their blog in Japan gave me great information.

How I score a baguette:

  • Score the right angle 80-90 degrees ( it will be difficult to score at acute angle around 30-45 degrees for wet dough)
  • *Score the dough the same speed and depth.  This is the point  Please read the note below.
  • I recommend you to use a bamboo skewer to get the length that you want( probably 10-11.5cm?)and make a mark with a tooth pick ( I use a bamboo skewer, which makes a bigger spot on the dough). –This is from ” Coupe Junkies”.


 You can prepare the scoring lines using a stick before you acutally score your baguette. The red line ( 2.5-3cm )will be a lap between first score line and the second one.

——- Where are you when  you score your baguette ?——–

I found out that I can score very straight when I use No.1 way. My Cookpad friend suggested me the way. That is very helpful

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