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How to make sourdough starter ( Start with raisin yeast water= Jamp Start)

I am a big failure for taking care of sourdough starter that I tried before because  the taste of the sourdough starter changed whenever I made bread. It was okay if they turned out good, but 60 % of them were kind of gummy and too starchy sometimes.  I don’t know how many loaves I threw away sadly and I cried for that sometimes . However I learned a lot of things from my failures. My biggest mistake was one thing that I didn’t want to use any instant yeast whenever I made sourdough, even though they were not active.  If I used instant yeast for it, I wouldn’t be so frustrated with my sourdough.  But I have raisin yeast water now, which I really enjoy baking various kind of loaves that I can make non-sour bread and sour bread : Sandwich loaf, English muffin,Bagel,Croissant,sourdough bread and so on.

I can make sourdough starter in 24 hours using a bit of raisin yeast water.

How to make sourdough starter  with raisin yeast water ( Jump start)

(  Total : 60g sourdough starter )


  • 1g  raisin yeast water
  • 29g filtered water ( No chlorine water)
  • 30g * flour

* If you use  30g Whole wheat flour or 30g  rye flour  – Rise faster than white flour and may have very mild sour flavor in the bread without retarding the bread.

* If you use 30g white flour– Probably it takes 24 hours until fully risen and has no sour flavor in the bread if you don’t retard the bread.

* You can combine any flour you like, but the time of fermentation is vary. The taste of bread will be also different.


  •      Mix all the ingredients in a container and leave it at the room temperature until it rises doubled or tripled.

( 1/12/2012) 100% whole wheat flour used.

( 1/13/2012) I took a PH test for this sourdough on the second day. The result was between 5.5 and 5.75.  I fed 1:1:1= Starter:Flour:Water  twice a day during the time. This sourdough starter is tangy but not too sour.

Here is the result of my raisin yeast water’s PH test that I took before. Between 5.5 and 5.75.   This is the same result as the sourdough’s. The taste of raisin yeast water is little sweet with a bit of alcohol.

My recommendation: TO use 0.3 % instant yeast as to total flour including preferment flour

  1. If you like softer and lighter (fluffy) crumb.
  2. If you want less sour in the bread.
  3. If you like crispy and softer crust such as you can eat whole crust easily even it is a sandwich.
  4. If you like lighter bread without retarding or long final fermentation( final proof).
  5. If the starter doesn’t rise well. ( The sourdough is  not  active )

*  I don’t keep this starter for a long time because it will increase acid in the starter.

Note:  Liquid starter ( 1:1=liquid:flour  100% hydration) approximately rises doubled around when it is fully fermented. A stiff starter ( 60% hydration around) rises about tripled  because the gasses can’t  get through from the stiff dough into the air , but the gasses can get through  from the liquid dough into the air.


I made 2 same loaves with raisin yeast water  / sourdough starter.

* I am working on this recipe. I will post when I am satisfied with this bread.

 The raisin yeast water levain — 81g whole wheat / 81g raisin yeast water

The sourdough levain—  162g levain ( 100% whole wheat used)

I also used 0.3% instant yeast  as to 100% flour including the preferment flour for the both loaves.

Left -raisin yeast water / Right – sourdough

( This raisin yeast loaf- Final proof 1 hour 18 minutes.)

( This sourdough loaf – Final proof 55 minutes.)

* I use this method to make steam for baking loaves so that I couldn’t make the 2 loaves in the same time.

Here is the crumb picture.

The raisin yeast water loaf ‘s crumb — slightly sweet

The sourdough loaf’s crumb-  little sour

I didn’t  taste any difference from the crumb texture when I had the day that I made and the next day.


I have a big reason to make this  sourdough


For my precious chicken Bumpy who has been suffering from impacted crop since she was born.  Her crop was fully packed with tall grass or some weird stuff that she couldn’t digest. Luckily one of  chicken ladies offered to help us to emptied Bumpy’s crop. I really thank her saved Bumpy’s life.  When Bumpy came home,which was 2 weeks later,we let Bumpy stay with other 4 chickens outside, then Bumpy’s crop was full and she wasn’t doing well, again.  Bumpy was also  pecked badly by the other chickens.   My husband and I decided to keep her inside the house.   The chicken lady told me to feed Greek yogurt or apple sauce to Bumpy, but I also fed this sourdough to her, which was very effective.   I bathed her after she ate quite a lot of sourdough and hold Bumpy upside down to empty her crop. It worked out very well.


She doesn’t lay an egg everyday like the other white chickens( Leghorn), but she can have an egg!

This Bumpy’s egg is very pointy compare to the others.

This sourdough really helps Bumpy for living.  Bumpy tells me when the sourdough is sour because she doesn’t eat it when it is sour.  Other chickens also love this sourdough even though it is sour. But they didn’t eat sourdough when they were really sour.

* Bumpy stays in a large dog crate mostly. Sometimes I let her free inside the house and I chase after her to pick her mess. She perches on the box near the back door when she sleeps and stays there for all night without any moves until morning.  She is a quite good girl and I love her so much.

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