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How to determine how much your dough rises

To determine how much your dough rises, I will recommend to use this way.

To prepare:

  •  A container that you ferment for your baguette.
  • A baguette dough before fermenting ( bulk fermentation)
  • Volume measuring cup like Pyrex brand ones.
  • A  permanent marker and tape, or making tape.


1.   Put the baguette dough in the volume measuring cup and check how much volume the dough has. Mine was 250 ml or 275ml.

2. Take the dough out of the measuring cup and set a side in a different bowl and pour the same amount water that you measured the dough into the measuring cup. Then pour the water into the container that you ferment for your  dough and mark the line on the outside of your container.

3.  Pour the same amount water again, and pour it into the container and make it down with a parchment marker or tape.

Now you can see when your dough rises double in bulk.

For bread except baguettes, I ferment dough until it is tripled in bulk because I like softer crumb for that.

Note:  This works for my dough. Without using this method, I check out the top line of the dough in the container when I just ferment my dough, which is a little bit of above than  the 500ml line.  The  top line of dough tells me when the dough already  rises double in bulk.

Here is the some pictures that proved it to me.

This dough is about 1 cup in volume.

I transferred the dough into the glass bowl and marked the line of the top of the dough.

I poured 2 x 1cup water into…

the glass bowl. You can see the difference between 1 cup and 2 cup in the glass bowl, which is just little.

It is easier way to use a cylinder plastic container so that you can judge how much your dough rise clearly. I don’t use this for making a baguette or ciabatta  because it damage the crumb structure when I take the dough out.

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