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Chocolate painting for a special day

This chocolate painting is fun and also gives everybody a big surprise.   I tried 4 times last year for my family, They all liked the chocolate paintings.

Here are some useful instructions that I found. – This is Japanese although you can see the details from the pictures.

This SpongeBob cake was for my daughter’s 4th birthday. The pink and light blue sponge cake was Gary. (SpongeBob’s pet snail)   SpongeBob’s left arm was broken because I didn’t put enough chocolate on the back.

For my son’s 12th birthday.( Bakugan 爆丸) He was surprised, and smiled with a joy when he saw this cake. I forgot to put a little bit of white chocolate to color his eyes.

This is for my husband’s birthday. I didn’t do a good job.

I challenged to trace and paint Berry Manilow’s face using  a bamboo stick for my sister-in-law’s birthday.

 I messed  up  the shadow around his right eye,but my sister-in-law was very happy,that made me happy too.

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