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I am not reaching my goal yet … baguette yes..yes… baguette…

I love my baguettes, but I am not happy with the crumb yet..  Few years ago, I saw a beautiful cell structure in the crumb, just beautiful..  I was speechless at the moment, then just staring at the baguette for a long time.   I felt like the baguette was made like a croissant.  I don’t know if I can get the perfect crumb structure…sigh…..

Yesterday’s baguette was fine…  The taste – great,  the crust- good,  the oven spring-  better than ever ( A big progress)… and the crumb structure – okay…



This iron pan with bricks works great for creating steam in my weak oven.


I could slice only one baguette, the rest of them were taken.

I hope tomorrow’s baguettes are better….

Happy baking!


My favorite baking tool:  I strongly recommend this bread knife. I have been using for over 7 years.


A good baguette…

I couldn’t sit on my computer to update my blog recently.  I started a very small business as a home processor baker. We shall see how my business goes.

Well, again this is a 74% hydration baguette with preferment for over forty-eight hours.

002     I finally got some good oven spring on my baguette, but not perfect.  I love the russet crust, which I am very happy with.  When I held the baguette, I felt light and good weight for the proper baguette that I was hoping for.

I baked four baguettes in total, but all of them were sold. So, I couldn’t slice to take a picture of the crumb, and the other baguettes… I was too busy.  My son took the picture of this baguette.  He did a great job.

Happy baking!



Shopping tip:
My favorite instant yeast: Saf-instant yeast. If you are sensitive to the brewer strongly recommend this yeast. 
Saf Instant Yeast, 1 Pound Pouch

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80% hydration baguette with preferment

Again, I realized how hard to shape and score high hydration baguettes.  It was little struggling..  The recipe is here. although, I changed little bit. I will show you how when I complete.

I also think that I need a new oven for that unfortunately.  My weak oven can’t create nice oven spring for baguettes.  😦   I am losing a hope now.



Although I like their crumb and the taste of the baguettes, of course. The crust was thinner than the 70% hydration baguettes. The taste was sweeter, and some how juicier slightly.



Now, I am making 74% hydration baguettes.  We shall see!

Happy baking,


Shopping tip:
My favorite instant yeast: Saf-instant yeast. If you are sensitive to the brewer smell, I strongly recommend this yeast.
Saf Instant Yeast, 1 Pound Pouch



Eight baguettes yesterday…

Baguettes, baguettes, baguettes… Yes, I am practicing!  The dough hydration is again 70%.

To make four baguettes (  309g each when I divided into four dough  )

Preferment dough:

  •  380g King Arthur all purpose flour
  • less than 1/4 tsp saf-instant yeast
  • 267g spring water

Final dough:

  • 380g King Arthur all purpose flour
  • less than 1/4 tsp saf-instant yeast
  • 267g spring water

I tried the new method after watching some professionals and home-baker’s Youtube videos.  They really helped me.

When I started this craziness, I hadn’t found much clue to learn good techniques of a perfect baguette. Now we can find so many good tips by online searching.

My two favorite Youtube videos are:


I feel much easier and doing the right thing to make a baguette as a close-to- a professional baker after following these processes.

Oops, where is another baguette? There are only seven baguettes in the picture..


Did you notice the one from the very left?  Yes, it is crooked..   I made a mistake when I put it in the oven.


I couldn’t slice in the half to check the whole crumb because they were for the vendor who sells home made basil pesto at the local farmers market. They give some samples with french bread there, so I would like to get feedback from them.

By the way, I started to sell my bread recently. I don’t know how it goes.. but I certainly enjoy baking and getting real good feedback from my customers.

Here is a crumb shot.. ( round slices)


The taste of these baguettes :  I just love the natural sweetness comes from just flour and spring water and salt.  The creamy crumb is one of my goals.

The crumb:  I was surprised to see how much air-pockets I got by the new process.

I will continue to experiment with the new technique..    Next time.. .Yes, 80% hydration baguette!

Happy baking!


Shopping tip:
My favorite instant yeast: Saf-instant yeast
Saf Instant Yeast, 1 Pound Pouch


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Baguette with preferment 70% hydration

Now, I am working with my baguettes again, even I have a weak oven… I may burn the ignition cords very soon because I simply overuse it, but I can’t stop myself..   🙂

Here is the recipe   I decrease the water content to 70% this time.


I baked 4 baguettes:

The two baguettes from the right :  Proof ; 30 minutes  Bake with no steam.

The two baguettes from the left : Proof ; 1 hour, bake with steam.

I like these crust, which are my target to achieve, nicely caramelized.

Oven spring :  I may not able to get good oven spring.. may be because of my weak oven.. I need to figure out the problem..


Their crumb comparison:

The baguettes  ( 30 minutes proof / no steam )  I forgot to take the crumb shot for the other one.. but it was dense as the picture below.


The baguettes ( 1 hour proof  with steam )



I am not happy with these crumb yet..  I will be more careful when I preshape these dough tomorrow.   Tomorrow?  Yes, tomorrow!!

Happy baking!

My favorite baking tool:  This bread knife is $29.99 now!   It was $38ish before.

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I am back! ( I baked a baguatte with preferment with a broken oven.)

It has been long time until I baked a baguette again.  I have been into Table Tennis since, then in the same time, I got sick.   It is not fun to talk about.


So, why should I go back to the days that I had challenged to make a perfect baguette again?

Now, the biggest challege for me is that I have to bake them with temperature UNDER 430 F  because my oven is very weak.   Four years ago, I was able to increase the temperature up to 450F, then it broke once more.  So, I have to easy on my oven for now.

Anyway,I used this recipe and method below.

baguette 1115

Not bad.   But as I expected, the scoring made me unsatisfied.

baguette 1115 no2

Well, It is a good start anyway!

All of baguettes that I am going to make everyday from now on will be used as  stuffing for  Thanksgiving dinner!

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Baguette with preferment : Why are there so many big holes?

Now, I  have changed the method of punching down on the dough twice to three times stretch and fold every 45 minutes at the first bulk fermentation.  I also stretched the dough out to make a long baguette after shaping because I couldn’t take some bench time for the dough to relax.. I had to pick up my daughter from school.   The original recipe is here.

I really like the crumb that is very silky like see through crumb. I fermented at 54F for 5 hours after the 3 x stretch and fold on the surface, and I moved the dough at 60F for 2 hours to warm the dough so that I could shape the dough easier than the last time that I made.  The last one, the dough was really cold that I didn’t move the dough at 60F until the dough warmed up.  When the dough was cold, I couldn’t make a long baguette.




My daughter loved this baguette as much as she asked me to get more slices after eating a couple of them .  The crumb was creamy and sweet.  The crust was really thin and crispy.

I am going to put together my thoughts when I am satisfied with this baguette.


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