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Bagel with raisin yeast water

I have worked on this bagel for a long time until now.  I have a strong thought on Bagel that I really care for.   The crumb should have strong volume not soft one. I used to stomp the dough using my feet to knead the dough because the dough is tough.  But now, I use a food processor to knead the dough, which is easier for me to work with.

Bagel with raisin yeast water


Levain :

  • 107g  raisin yeast water ( The raisin yeast water should be rested in a refrigerator for a day after making or refreshing)
  • 134g  King Arthur bread flour

* Mix them all and ferment it at the room temperature for overnight. The levain rose tripled in 12 hours.

Final dough:

  • 134g cold water (  Ice cold water in the summer )
  • 400g King Arthur bread flour
  • 16g  honey
  • 6.9g salt  ( I use sea salt )

* Some molasses – For boiling water.


1.  Mix all the ingredients except the salt, and 5-10 minutes later, you can add the salt.

* if you use ” Autolyze” for 30 minutes, the bulk fermentation time would be shorten.

2. Divide the dough in a half to knead  by a food processor. I hit ” Pause” several times to soften the dough for 40 seconds each.  

3.  Let the dough rest on the surface for 5 -10 minutes. The dough should be covered with plastic wrap.

4. Repeat No.2 again to knead the dough by a food processor.

5. Put the dough together in one piece on the surface. 

6. Divide it into 7 pieces. Around 112-113g each.  I  make a round ball kneading the dough. the dough is tough.

7. Bench time: Cover the dough with a saran wrap or damp cloth for 15 minutes.

8. Shape:

Using a rolling pin, make a long oval shape.

          Roll the dough very tightly..

Using both hands, stretch the dough to make a long string..

Close the seam very well and flatten the one side..

Cover the other side with the flatten side..

And pinch very well..

Using both hands, make a good circle for your bagels

9. Proof  :  Cover the bagel dough with plastic wrap and proof at the room temperature for 2-3 hours until you pass the this test:       Put a bagel dough in water, and it floats right away, the dough passes the test. So you can bake the bagels now.

10. Boil the water and dipping the bagel dough:  Pour some water just enough cover the bagel in a pan and pour some molasses and boil the water.   Preheat the oven at 410 F.

 20 seconds for one side, another 20 seconds for other side to cook.

11. Place the bagel dough on the clothes or paper towels to drain the excess water. and sprinkle some topping that you like

12. Bake   16 minutes at 410 F until golden brown.

* For the bagels with toppings: Flip them over so that  the topping side should be on the bottom and bake them at 410F for 3 minutes, then open the oven and flip them over again that the topping side should be on the top now and bake them fro 13 minutes until golden brown. ****This method makes the both side’s crust equal and thin, and the topping will stick on the bagel.

My daughter made a funny bagel that is on the right.

This bagel is sweet and the  taste has more flavor from the levain.

I use some whole wheat flour in the levain to make whole wheat bagels sometimes. But my kids prefer this bagels to the healthier ones.

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