A good baguette…

17 May

I couldn’t sit on my computer to update my blog recently.  I started a very small business as a home processor baker. We shall see how my business goes.

Well, again this is a 74% hydration baguette with preferment for over forty-eight hours.

002     I finally got some good oven spring on my baguette, but not perfect.  I love the russet crust, which I am very happy with.  When I held the baguette, I felt light and good weight for the proper baguette that I was hoping for.

I baked four baguettes in total, but all of them were sold. So, I couldn’t slice to take a picture of the crumb, and the other baguettes… I was too busy.  My son took the picture of this baguette.  He did a great job.

Happy baking!



Shopping tip:
My favorite instant yeast: Saf-instant yeast. If you are sensitive to the brewer strongly recommend this yeast. 
Saf Instant Yeast, 1 Pound Pouch

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