Baguette with preferment 70% hydration

02 May

Now, I am working with my baguettes again, even I have a weak oven… I may burn the ignition cords very soon because I simply overuse it, but I can’t stop myself..   🙂

Here is the recipe   I decrease the water content to 70% this time.


I baked 4 baguettes:

The two baguettes from the right :  Proof ; 30 minutes  Bake with no steam.

The two baguettes from the left : Proof ; 1 hour, bake with steam.

I like these crust, which are my target to achieve, nicely caramelized.

Oven spring :  I may not able to get good oven spring.. may be because of my weak oven.. I need to figure out the problem..


Their crumb comparison:

The baguettes  ( 30 minutes proof / no steam )  I forgot to take the crumb shot for the other one.. but it was dense as the picture below.


The baguettes ( 1 hour proof  with steam )



I am not happy with these crumb yet..  I will be more careful when I preshape these dough tomorrow.   Tomorrow?  Yes, tomorrow!!

Happy baking!

My favorite baking tool:  This bread knife is $29.99 now!   It was $38ish before.

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