Continue:Retarding with the new method.

17 Apr

I think that is the solution to have nicely browned loaves when they are retarded.



And I place these metal racks on the marble stones 20 minutes after I put them in the oven. So I can prevent to burn the bottom of these loaves.



The taste of bread was remarkable.  I gave one of two loaves to one of my friends.

Happy Baking!


Shopping tip:

* A 5’1″ round banneton is on sale!  I just ordered four of them to make bread bowl with soup like Panera’s. It will save lots of money instead of eating out!  I will get them between May 8th and May 30th. Very slow shipping process, but can’t beat that price!

banneton small.PNG

  • Bread knife:  That is my favorite.   I am still using this without any problems.

    bread knife

  • 10″ oval banneton is $ 11.88  I ordered one today.   Bannetons are cheaper now.. I bought one for over $23 including shipping.

    oval banneton 10

  • 8.5″ round banneton is $10.99!  I just order this one too. 🙂

round banneton

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