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Fixing my oven…

I don’t fix my oven, that is my husband’s job..

Oh well,  It was the same ignition wire again!  How many times did I burn this ?

May be 4 times…  😦

This oven is over 16 years old, and I have just overused since we moved in. lol



I may be able to start baking from tomorrow… 🙂



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Strawberry short cake for my daughter’s birthday.

I broke my oven two days before my daughter’s birthday.  I tried to bake a small cake with the toaster oven that I have.  It didn’t go well as I expected. They were not evenly cooked, there was ugly dense in the center etc…  but the taste was okay.

I am so lucky that I have a very nice neighbor who has been being friends more than the neighbor, so I baked two sponge cakes.  My daughter LOVES the neighbor’s daughter whose name is Christina.  My daughter and Christina were my assistant on the day. They almost grew up together since my daughter was born.




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I broke my oven again.. but..

I have been baking three to four times a week for a month now although I hadn’t have updated til now.

Last night, I prepared two sourdough loaves, I was so happy to transfer these ready -to-go dough into the oven to see their oven springs.  Ah oh… I forgot to preheat the oven,though I previously used it for dinner anyway.. the temperature was 245F. So, I tossed them into the oven.

After 15 minutes, I was surprised to see their oven springs!

274 Then I tried to increased the temperature to 430F, but the oven temperature kept going down and down.. 😦   ”  The ignition code is burned again!!! may be two of them..)


I may try the method again when I make hard bread!

The taste was as good as usual.  🙂


Happy baking!






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