Olive bread with raisin yeast water

20 May

Simply I like this bread . It tastes so good with nice aroma.

Although It took quite some time until I tried because I couldn’t have a good image of the bread with lots of olives.

Some People at intrigued me to make this bread, then it became one of my favorite breads.


Ingredients :  approximately 2 loaves

olive bread with raisin yeast water

* use pitted olives.



1. Mix the levain  and ferment it for 12 hours at the room temperature.

After 12 hours: the dough rose tripled.


2.Next morning: Mix thoroughly  the levain and the final dough ingredients except the salt and olives  leave it for 30 minutes at the room temperature ( Autolyze).


3. Add the salt and olives. knead the dough on the surface until it gets elastic for 5-6 minutes. The dough temperature – 70F after kneading.

*you feel your dough is fermenting while kneading because the dough gets gassy.



4. Bulk fermentation and * Folding:  1.5-2 hours.    It rises faster when it is with instant dry yeast.   I prefer put a bit of instant dry yeast for this bread to make softer and lighter texture.  If you don’t put any instant dry yeast, it will take longer to wait.


*Folding: Stretch and fold the dough on the surface only 1 time after 45 minutes of bulk fermentation.


*↑ these dough are NOT with olives. These pictures are to show you how to fold the dough.


↑This is with olives.

5.Preshape and bench time: Preshape lightly into a round ball and rest the dough at the room temperature for 30 minutes.  You can upside down the bowl that the dough was fermented to cover the dough for the bench time.

6. Shaping:   I will post it how to shape into an oval shape as soon as I take pictures of the process.

7. Final proof  ( with retarding for 2 hours.) and  Preheat 465F :  About 1 hours at the room temperature around 70F.   Please watch the dough when it is ready to bake.  I don’t think a finger test is reliable.  It didn’t work for me.  I am still thinking about the dough how to determine the timing.

9. Scoring and baking: Bake at 465F for 12 minutes with the stainless bowl. Take the bowl out and lower the oven temperature at 425F  and bake more 8 minutes, then lower the oven temperature at 400F and put *a cooling rack under the bread and  bake more 25-30 minutes until golden brown.  *  I use the cooling rack while baking loaves because I don’t like the bottom of loaves burned.

* My oven is too weak to use such a high temperature. I wish I could..  So my loaves are kind of pale sadly, but they are still tasty!


Happy baking!

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