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Birthday cake for my daughter. ( Without recipe)

Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday.
The theme for the party was pirate themed. Therefore, I made this pirate ship cake for the party.




Using fondant was my first try. It was easier to use when I left them out for a day just like the instruction said. It has way too much sugar for eating. Plus, I don’t like candy that’s too sweet. I love sour candy though. 🙂
I didn’t want anyone to eat the fondant anyway. They were just for display lol.

Here are some pictures of  the cake pops that I made for her birthday party at school.




For the strawberry cake pops,

I used whipping cream for the filling instead of the stored cream which is way too sweet for me.
Also, I made dehydrated strawberries for the topping and fillings as well. I wish I could take a picture of the inside.

For the chocolate cake pops,

I made chocolate sponge using real chocolate and then once again,  adding whipping cream to mix them up. It tastes like chocolate truffle.



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